vrijdag 15 januari 2016

Prologue: There (But Mainly Back Again) - Stories from the South

Should you visit a country twice? Maybe. Should you visit a country three times? Maybe maybe. Should you do it three times in 5 years? Probably not.

There's so many countries to go, things to see, money to waste, why go again to 'the same place'? Yes. Why?

First there's a bunch of practical reasons, among them the greatest thing since sliced peppers: a visa on arrival program that actually works really really well! Good job India! You can just apply online for E-Tourist Visa (eTV), upload a picture/passport scan, pay, bring the confirmation paper, do a quick fingerprint scan, get the stamp and walk straight out (even cutting the line to exit!)

Then it's a story of timing, time and resources. All practical reasons. But you don't sit for nine hours in a plane, endure the scorching heat, the madness and the 'dangers' for practical reasons, now do you?

So why go back?

Maybe because it doesn't feel like going back. Because this is 'a country' with twice Europe's population, a country so large last time it took me months to cover just a part of the North.

Maybe because every city will show me something I'll love and something I'll hate. And always things I never knew before.

Maybe because there's not such a thing as 'too much chai' and spicey here means spicey.

Maybe there is no reason. No legitimate reason.

Maybe something unseen, untold, unheard just draws me here.

Core thing is here I am. And yes, again.

It probably won't be the last time.

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